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Queen rearing system with 60 holes


Apparatus with 60 holes for rearing queen bees without having to graft the larvae from cells.


The apparatus comprises of two interchargable covers, two stoppers and a plastic cassette with artificial cells built up to 5.5 mm height.The cassette has to be attached to the underside of the top bar of a brood frame or at its center.
The system includes:
- 60 Brown plugs that fit into the holes of the cassette. They are removable, designed to contain the eggs and larvae.
- 60 Brown cups - small open-ended parts, which fit over the cell plugs. They are used when the brown plugs have young larvae in them and will form the beginning of the queen cell.
- 25 Yellow cell carrier -larger open-ended part, designed to hold the brown cups, connected with the brown plugs.

-25 Cell carrier holder QRS_60

Additional information

Weight350 g
Dimensions260 × 260 × 40 mm


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