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We have been designing and manufacturing beekeeping equipment since 2008.

 For twelve years in the market we are enriching constantly our product list. The production process goes through testing the products in our own apiary, because our goal is to offer the best for beekeepers and beekeeping equipment distributors. All products included in our online store are manufactured and designed by a team of engineers with over twenty years of experience in beekeeping aswell.

We do not resell beekeeping equipment of other manufacturers!

All products are manufactured in European Union corresponding to all regulation.

Our team is aware of the importance of the equipment  for the results in the beekeeping, no matter if you are a professional or  a hobby beekeeper, so  the quality is the main goal of our production together with the creation of new and innovative products. For us, every detail of the products is significant, as  for example, our uncapping rollers cause minimal damage to the cell when using them.

 We also offer alternatives, in accordance with the preferences of  the beekeeper- different types of bee escapes, beehive entrances,plastic semi-built foundations with cell size of 5.4 and 4.9 mm, which do not require waxing, and in addition, the transition to the smaller size is direct. Our plastic foundations are industrial design protected and have no analogue!

 Our products help the beekeepers to achieve results –better than expected. We have proven ourselves over the years in the market as a loyal  and reliable partner and are constantly increasing our customers. We hope to become a part of your success!

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