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Our plastic foundations

Our plastic foundations consist of two identical parts, with semi-built bee cells 3-3,5 mm high walls. They are used for multiple use .The parts of the foundation are mounted on both sides of a standard wooden frame with staples.

They are made of plastics certified for food contact use and corresponding EU regulations.

They are no need for wax coating. Our plastic foundations have a European design patent and can only be manufactured by our company. Violators are punished by law in court!

I will list the advantages of our plastic bases.

  1. Time and labour-saving — no wiring frames as for wax foundations.
  2. Bees would not chew out it when flows stop, as they do with wax foundations.
  3. The plastic foundations would not sag in warm temperatures or break during honey extraction.
  4. Wax moth would not settle also on the plastic foundations.
  5. Antibiotics or any harmful chemical substances would not penetrate in the plastic foundations.
  6. Only worker bee brood.
  7. Stabile during extraction.
  8. Harvesting beeswax as a pure additional income for the beekeeper.
  9. Easy replacement of the wax from the foundation — at lower temperatures when the wax is brittle it can be scraped off quickly with a plastic spatula.

All plastic foundations from different manufacturers differ. They differ in quality, price, material, country in which they are produced, even the most important whether the bees build them completely Therefore, they should not be considered the same and the poor qualities of some models should not be attributed to others.

Our company as a producer has some recommendations for best results if you haven’t use similar plastic foundations.

For the plastic foundations DB(300mm)you can put on the inside part of the two halves of the foundation at some places food grade silicone in order to stabilize this type of foundation because it is with bigger surface. For the small size DB(160mm) and LR(231mm) it is not necessary. No matter of our recommendations, many beekeepers use the foundations without doing it. When you put the foundations in the hive, proceed with them as with frames with new wax foundations – not all new at once in one hive.


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