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Plastic foundations for Langstroth(231mm)cell size 5.4mm


Patent protected product!

Plastic foundations that need no wax coating!

1. Time and labour-saving — no wiring frames as for wax foundations.

2. Bees would not chew out it when flows stop, as they do with wax foundations.

3. The plastic foundations would not sag in warm temperatures or break during honey extraction.

4. Wax moth would not settle also on the plastic foundations.

5. Antibiotics or any harmful chemical substances would not penetrate in the plastic foundations.

6. Only worker bee brood.

7. Stabile during extraction.

8. Harvesting beeswax as a pure additional income for the beekeeper.

9. Easy replacement of the wax from the foundation — at lower temperatures when the wax is brittle it can be scraped off quickly with a plastic spatula.

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The reusable plastic foundations consist of two identical parts, with semi-built bee cells 3-3,5 mm high walls.

The parts of the foundation are mounted on both sides of a standard wooden frame with staples.

They are made of plastics certified for food contact use and corresponding EU regulations.

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